Employment Law

Israeli employment law can be bewildering to those running a business or philanthropic project. The area is governed by a multitude of laws and regulations, as well as an ever-growing corpus of jurisprudence issued by the special Labor Courts which deal with employer-employee relations, from minimum wage, to social benefits, vacation pay, pension plans, rules governing termination and more. Each stage of the employment process requires understanding and knowledge to get it right.
With its many decades of experience guiding business and third-sector entities, Reshef and Shiff has the knowledge to assist you, first and foremost, in staying abreast of the requirements in the field, and avoiding problems. We have helped scores of our clients establish (or re-organize) their employment setup, ensuring all employees have proper, enforceable contracts, and we work with the appropriate managers to create systems that make sure rules are kept and benefits are properly paid. Whether the client is a small business or philanthropic entity, or employ hundreds, we have the resources needed to help you do it right.

Where issues arise and litigation is unavoidable, our firm’s lawyers have the experience in the labor courts, together with the understanding of your needs, to represent you, to guide you through the process and to defend your interests.