The Third Sector: Non-Profits

Over the past couple of decades, Reshef and Shiff has developed a specialty in the area of non-profit entities in Israel, and is considered one of the leading firms in the field.

In addition to their experience and knowledge of non-profit law and related taxation issues, the firm’s attorneys have helped devise and implement some of the more successful projects involving cooperation among partners in the private sector, the non-profit sector, and the government, active in both creating the joint ventures, and maintaining the relationships among the partners. We have had the privilege of assisting such clients in strategic planning and implementation of some of the more innovative and influential philanthropic projects in the Jewish world.

A few of the complex projects in which we have taken leading roles include Taglit – Birthright Israel; The CRB Program for Involvement in Education; The Genesis Prize, and more.

Third sector entities have to balance the tax and legal considerations of the donors or the social entrepreneurs, with the legal and regulatory environments in Israel. We have a wealth of experience in helping organizations decide how and where to incorporate, how to organize their Israeli presence, and how to deal with the complexities of employment law and real estate, while keeping their eyes on the ball in maximizing their ability to achieve their goals.

Today more than ever, philanthropy has become a complex, business-like arena, with a multitude of forms of supporting and implementing projects, joint ventures with other donors and with government or municipal entities, all the while ensuring proper use of funds and measuring impact. We are proud to have had the privilege of working with some who have made enormous impact in Israel and around the world.

Among the firm’s clients in the philanthropic field are the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies and the CRB Foundation, Taglit – Birthright Israel, the Steinhardt Foundation, the Schusterman Foundation, The Ruderman Family Foundation – Israel, The Haruv Institute, The Jerusalem Season of Culture, Yedidut Toronto, The United Israel Appeal of Canada, the United Jewish Israel Appeal of Great Britain, the Genesis Philanthropic Group, the Genesis Prize, the Avichai Foundation and Beit Avichai, Beterem (The Israeli Organization for Child Safety and Health), Merchavim (The Institute for the Advancement Of Shared Citizenship in Israel), The Israel Project, The Green Environment Fund, The Fund for Health and Environment, and others.