Real Estate

Real Estate transactions have been at the heart of Reshef and Shiff’s practice since its inception. The firm has a wealth of experience in representing clients in both Israel and abroad, accompanying them throughout the process of a real estate transaction or project in Israel, which can sometimes be complex and arcane, especially to the foreign eye.

This practice area runs the gamut from residential transactions, such as the purchase or sale of apartments and houses in Israel, to more complicated commercial deals. With our knowledge of local markets and critical mass of transactions in much of Israel, we have the experience and resources to provide our clients with the guidance they need in both the legalities of a real estate transaction, and the more commercial aspects of the deal. Our expertise extends to related areas of real estate taxation, municipal taxation, planning and zoning, construction, and more.

Israel’s real estate scene includes a variety of possibilities for purchase of homes, such as outright ownership, long-term leaseholds from the government or from other entities such as churches, purchases from builders, participation in purchase-groups who organize to buy land and build, protected housing for the elderly, vacation suites in hotels, etc. Our firm has the professionals experienced in all manners of transactions, who know how to ensure your investment is properly protected.

Some of our more recent projects in this area have included the sale of a commercial property in Tel Aviv, which was accompanied by a commitment by the vendor to construct additional commercial units on the lot; the sale of industrial (factory) properties in the changing Romema area of Jerusalem; the long-term lease and construction of a supermarket in Jerusalem; options and sales of former farmland in several locations now zoned for residential construction; purchase of land for construction of a factory and logistics center between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; long-term rental and construction of a print and publishing plant near Jerusalem; accompanying the lease of land in Jerusalem and the construction of a modern, cutting-edge pharmaceutical plant; purchase/lease and renovation of offices for various clients, the long-term lease of undeveloped land to be re-zoned for residential construction in Jerusalem; and more.